Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Service.
1.1 The coach provides personal services to companies and individuals. Suggestions are put forward in a proposal and approved by the client. The coach acts on the basis of integrity – in accordance with the NOBCO code of conduct – and sessions revolve around the personal interests of the client.

1.2 The character of the service is clear (possibly explanatory notes are given) and sessions are aimed at creating personal awareness and stimulating change. The client may or may not apply this theory into practice. Change is recorded in a coaching question and included in the proposal.

1.3 With regard to information exchange and personal service it is assumed that the client is physically and mentally healthy, possibly dealing with temporary problems, suffering from physical complaints or in need of guidance for his personal development. The client has affinity with the philosophy of the coach. It is also assumed that the participating client has no physical or psychological disabilities. Should the client have doubts about their ability to participate in sessions, the clients must take the initiative to consult someone, whom they consider competent to do so, in order to determine whether to take notes, apply theory into practice, or purchase services from the coach who is responsible for them. It is also expected that the client reports any doubts to the coach in advance, as well as immediately reports any doubts that arise during meetings.

1.4 The coach has the right to refrain from entering into a relationship with the client. It may also happen that during sessions it is considered better by the coach to end the relationship with the client for particular reasons. Firstly, however, problems are seen as an integral part of the process and treated as such.

1.5 The coach helps the client to derive from the benefits of sessions and offer insights into the competences and personal functioning. The coach always makes an effort within the framework of the corporate philosophy. Seeing as it is a personal process of the client, a result can only be guaranteed if it has been defined and recorded in advance. The assignment is recorded in confirmation. At all times, the client is responsible for providing correct and complete information about themselves and their physical as well as mental condition.

1.6  If the client is made aware of other persons, companies, doctors, information sources etc. by the coach, this will be done on the basis of knowledge. All contacts that are made with the persons, companies and doctors concerned, possible deliveries of purchases of services or consultation of the information sources, and the consequences thereof, are outside the responsibility of the coach. The coach assumes that the client screens these contacts on the basis of common sense for suitability for themselves, qualifications, reliability, delivery conditions etc.

1.7 The current prices of services are determined in consolation. Agreed prices for long-term business contacts apply no later than the end of the calendar year after signing the order and can then be revised. This will be communicated on time. Financial measures imposed by the government are at all times due from the moment they come into effect, regardless of this being the reason for ending the agreement.

1.8 Pt1. Rescheduling: If you reschedule your appointment 48 hours before your meeting time, there is no rescheduling fee. If you reschedule your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be charged 50% of your deposit. If you reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged 100% of your deposit; except for emergencies. Should the coach have travelled for the appointment, even in emergency situations, he can claim vehicle expenses, rates per kilometre.
Pt.2 Stopping trajectory: If sessions have been agreed to take place for an indefinite period, the notice period is one session, with this last session being the final evaluation and hence completions session. Should sessions have been agreed to take place for a specific period of time, and these are stopped sooner, the amount for the remaining number of calls will be refunded, if desired, minus one sessions of 1.5 hours of administration costs.
Cancellation: a) If sessions are cancelled at least eight weeks prior to the planned start date, there will be no additional charges. b) If sessions are cancelled 8-4 weeks prior to the planned start date, you will be charged 50% of your deposit. c) If sessions are cancelled no sooner than four weeks prior to the planned start date, you will be charged 100% of your deposit if no replacement dates are set. You will be charged 50% of your deposit on the condition that alternative dates are arranged.

2. Confidentiality.
2.1 The name, address and other personal data, as well as contact details of customers, whether or not in relation to a business client, are used by the coach for registering payment obligations, and for normal use to arrange/have meetings. The client’s data will not be available to third parties – not even when the client is the employer. Looman coaching works according to the NOBCO code of conduct, hence this is mandatory.

2.2 In view of the short nature of the contacts, no intensive filing is done. Any personal files are only available for inspection by the coach and the client concerned, regardless of who pays for the service. Access is also possible during a personal meeting between the coach and the client. After coaching, the files including personal date are erased.

2.3 The experiences that the coach gains during meetings with the client can be incorporated into expressions and contacts with others in such a way that it is not reasonably possible to find out which client with this problem has been treated by the coach. customers can object to this in writing within one month after entering into an order and, or immediately after they become aware of such a publication.

3. Payment and gifts.
The prices and payment conditions are announced in advance. Payments must be completed within fourteen days after inquiry, unless an agreement has been made about other terms. Gifts without a specific service in return are of course welcome, but they cannot be subsequently designated as payment for any form of service.


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