Rishi Mangnoesing

founder More Than Finance

Meet Rishi Mangnoesing, founder More Than Finance

Rishi, the ingenious founder of More Than Finance, has led his financial consultancy and administration office to new heights of success. He not only gained invaluable insights from his coaching sessions with Nils, but also received an array of powerful tools that have made him faster, stronger, and more effective in all aspects of his life. These transformative experiences have helped Rishi strike a perfect balance between his personal and professional life, thus fueling the growth of his company to even greater heights.

Specialised in accounting, administration and fiscality

With specialized expertise in accounting, administration, and fiscality, Rishi’s passion for tax laws may seem unusual to some, but it has become his life’s work. What started as a humble beginning, working from an attic and helping out friends with a barely functioning laptop, has now evolved into a thriving business with over 300 clients.

Recognizing the importance of personalized service, Rishi has assembled a team of 9 professionals dedicated to providing optimal support to each individual client. “It’s not just about managing 300+ client files, but working with 300+ unique people, each with their own story,” he emphasizes. “Our goal is to treat every client with the utmost respect and attention, ensuring that they never feel like just another number.”

‘I should have done this two years ago’

“I should have done this two years ago,” lamented Rishi, who was introduced to Nils through his brother-in-law. Initially, he was hesitant about the idea of seeking coaching to bounce off ideas. However, after the intake meeting with Nils, he decided to embark on a coaching trajectory without hesitation. “When I first met Nils, my organization was undergoing significant changes. I had decided to expand my team to have more time with my family. The first three months of coaching with Nils have been incredibly helpful. I wish I had started two years earlier!”

Remarkably, Nils’s coaching style complements Rishi’s personality very well. Rishi describes himself as “articulate,” and he appreciates how Nils cuts straight to the point. Their weekly conversations focus on Rishi’s personal growth as a leader, with discussions centering around pressing issues and identifying solutions. “Nils’s insightful questions help me identify the root of my challenges, and he always hits the nail on the head,” Rishi adds.


Rishi was struck by the wisdom of the phrase “doing your best and doing what is necessary are two completely different worlds.” For him, the biggest expense as an entrepreneur is the money left on the table due to missed opportunities. However, working with a coach has helped him become more aware of who he is, who he should be, and the actions required to bridge the gap.

Through self-reflection and discipline, Rishi has grown rapidly in dealing with his thoughts and impulses, becoming a person of integrity and focus. This newfound confidence has enabled him to manage his priorities better and achieve his goals more effectively. He has learned to delegate tasks, drop unimportant matters, and concentrate on activities that lead to results. As a result, he has expanded his business by opening a branch in Suriname, South America, and is now assisting international companies to achieve financial success more efficiently.

Despite these significant achievements, Rishi is not content to rest on his laurels. He is currently working on developing powerful leadership skills to guide his team effectively. Fortunately, he has a team of outstanding and dedicated colleagues whom he is immensely proud of. With his team’s help, Rishi is confident that he can continue to grow his business in the Netherlands and beyond, creating new opportunities and reaching even greater heights.

“If you’re an entrepreneur who’s serious about success, personal leadership and development should be non-negotiable. But let’s face it, it takes commitment and guts to make it happen. Ready to up your game in every aspect of your life? Connect with Nils, and see the difference it can make. And when it comes to navigating the complicated world of tax laws and finance, look no further than More Than Finance for expert guidance.”



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