Hanneke Pronk

Hanneke Pronk

Hanneke Pronk

Co-owner of Based

Meet Hanneke Pronk, a force to be reckoned with and co-owner of Based, a dynamic company based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Based specializes in providing support to companies in the construction, real estate and infrastructure sectors in their transition to digitization. With a relentless drive for excellence, Hanneke seamlessly stepped into Based, a company already in motion. She wasted no time in making her mark with her determined drive and unremitting commitment, propelling the company towards greater achievements.

Under Hanneke’s and her business partner Marcel van Bavel’s leadership, Based thrives on structure, focus, and clarity.


They know that for their team to deliver exceptional quality, work must be highly effective. As in one of the masterminds behind the internal structure of Based, Hanneke understands the importance of collaboration and effective leadership. She leads by example, coaching her team to work cohesively as a unit, while also keeping a keen eye on financial supervision. In the meantime, she ensures targets are met and accounting is impeccable. Her affinity for numbers is unwavering, as she knows that they reveal the unvarnished truth about how the business is growing and thriving.


Hanneke’s pursuit of personal and professional growth led her to seek the guidance of Nils Janssens.


Through their sessions, Hanneke has honed her skills as a leader, gaining insights on what works and what doesn’t for herself and within the organization. She has learned the power of “slowing down” and creating a strong foundation for Based’s growth. With Nils’ guidance, Hanneke has evolved into an even more powerful leader, ready to take Based to new heights.

One of Hanneke’s most significant breakthroughs has been mastering the art of prioritization. No longer overwhelmed by a packed agenda, she now distinguishes core actions from surface actions, focusing on what truly matters.

The results speak for themselves: increased velocity and constant determination.


As the coaching process continues into 2023, Hanneke’s sights are set on personnel and internal effectiveness, knowing that these are the keys to achieving Based’s ambitious financial goals. Her confidence in the process is certain, as she knows that Nils has helped her unlock endless possibilities and maintain focus.

Hanneke’s passion for coaching is infectious, and she encourages others to follow suit. “If you want to get more out of your business and personal life, get a competent coach” she exclaims. Nils’ training and coaching has been instrumental in shifting her goals and expanding her horizons, helping her see new opportunities and creating herself as stronger, faster, and more effective.

Hanneke is a powerful leader who continues to grow, evolve, and inspire others to unleash their full potential without hesitation, aiming for nothing less than greatness.


Marcel van Bavel en Hanneke Pronk.

Marcel van Bavel & Hanneke Pronk



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